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Did you know that more than 80% of show dogs are handled by their owners? To celebrate the dedication and enthusiasm of owner-handler exhibitors the American Kennel Club has created the new AKC National Owner-Handled Series. This non-titling competition will be held at select dog shows across the country.

The AKC National Owner-Handled Series will be conducted following Best of Breed judging in each breed ring. All dogs in the BOB competition (including WD & WB) will stay in the ring after the judge makes their placements in BOB competition. The ring steward will ask all professional handlers, household members and current assistants to professional handler to leave the ring and then the judge will then select the Best Owner-Handled (BOH). The dog and its owner will continue to accrue points for any group placements or Bests in Show.


In the UKC Owners are always the handlers - this is a great venue to show your dogs and develop that "ring relationship".

Handling your dog in a conformation ring does not always come naturally to every owner. What should you do to become a proficient Owner Handler?

Unless you are experienced, there can be quite a learning curve when it comes to handling your own dog in the ring. What class should you put your dog in? Which shows to enter? How much grooming should you do? What should you wear? How do you compete against those polished professionals? Read the stories below to learn about this satisfying sport.

You will find excellent videos on handling under the Junior Handler Course.

Becoming a Better Owner Handler by Christie McDonald